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Dedicated to high-quality scientific communication



SC Partners was created in 2007 by scientists willing to share their skills in scientific communication with pharmaceutical and biotech companies.


Our commitment is to give you the best-quality scientific communication within the shortest period of time. Because biomedical research is an extremely demanding and a fast-moving world, you cannot afford any delay or any compromise in the quality of your scientific communication. Our services cover articles, study protocols and reports, abstracts, posters and PowerPoint presentations.


SC Partners consultants are highly-trained senior scientists with strong experience in scientific communication. They hold a PhD and are specialized in one or several scientific fields of biomedical research, from drug discovery to post-marketing studies.

SC Partners consultants are selected for their involvement, analytical skills, and knowledge of the English language. They work for you as they would do in their personal research.


We will be more than your scientific writers;
we will be your
Scientific Communication Partners.


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